The IPL 2014 Format is going to be the same as the last year’s IPL. Again all the teams will be playing two matches against each other and on the basis of the points secured by them from those matches, their positions in the points table will be determined. The teams at the top 4 positions in the points table will get through to the next round which is called the knockout round. There will be 4 matches played in the knockout round i.e. Qualifier 1, Eliminator, Qualifier 2 and the big final.

The IPL format in the first 4 seasons was slightly different. The preliminary round didn’t use to be followed by the eliminator and the two qualifiers back then. There used to be two semi finals after the preliminary round and the teams winning those used to play in the final. But, some changes were made in that format. It was decided that the teams ending in top 2 should be given two bites at the cherry and thus, this new format of eliminator and qualifier was brought into effect.

According to IPL 2014 Format, the teams at the 1st and the 2nd positions in the points table at the end of the preliminary round will play in the Qualifier 1. The winner of that match will enter the final, while; the loser will remain in the tournament. It will play against the winner of the eliminator i.e. the match between the 3rd and 4th positioned team. The winner of that qualifier 2 will join the winner of the qualifier 1 in the final.
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